Research and reports

Research and Reports

Measuring the effectiveness of art in prisons

At Koestler Arts, we use research and reports to inform the work that we do encouraging participation in the arts in prisons. Evaluation is built-in to all our projects and events and is essential for making sure our work helps prisoners and individuals in secure settings.

On this page, you will find a selection of publications which we have produced alongside academic partners in recent years, as well as in-house evaluations and impact statements showing the effectiveness of art in prisons.

Each Koestler Awards entrant is asked to complete monitoring and evaluation forms so we can listen and respond to their views on how we can better support participation in the arts in prisons and beyond. Our steering groups, trustees, staff, and volunteers include people with lived experience of the criminal justice system.

Please take a look at the documents below and if you need any further information about a specific project or more information about the effectiveness of art in prisons, please get in touch.